Rochester Furs Meet

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Rochester Furs Meet
Status Active
Type Meeting
Location Rochester, New Hampshire
Organizer(s) Rex Ormunde

Join us for our monthly meets! While focused on providing a meet for furries in Rochester, NH, all furries are welcome to attend. Get to know the locals, make new friends, and enjoy a fun time! The only cost is for your own supplies/food. Please note that when we are in public locations, they are typically family friendly zones. If we're in a restaurant, we generally will not allow fursuiting. If you wish to attend one of our events, please use the link next to the particular meet to signup. We communicate with each other through Discord. Contact Rex Ormunde#8079 or any current member to join.

Cost: Your supplies/food/bills (Depends on Venue)


  • Fursuit where it makes sense. Please do not fursuit at restaurants.
  • Tails are always OK as long as they don't get in other people's way.
  • Family friendly dress code in public.
  • Be polite.

Next Meet

Our next meet will be a party at Rex's house! All attendees must pre-register and be 18 years of age or older. You will be asked for ID if we haven't seen you before. You will also need your ID and to be 21 years of age or older to partake in any alcohol during this party. No exceptions. 3 bedrooms will be available. Please let Rex Ormunde know if you'll be staying overnight during your attendance dates. The heart of the party is the 24th. The 23rd was mostly for long distance travelers, and everyone is expected to vacate the night of the 25th. However, everyone is invited to the fun for all 3 days if they wish!


Date: August 23-25, 2019

Venue: Private Address. Please contact Rex Ormunde

Venue Specific Rules:

  • Please clean up after yourself. I don't want to be stuck cleaning for days!
  • Fursuiting is 100% allowed, but please show up out of suit first.
  • No adult acts outside of the bedrooms.
  • Bring your own food money. I will have snacks, but I'm not footing the bill for everyone's meals.
  • No smoking indoors, we have a front & back deck. Vaping indoors is OK in a room that will be designated. Other rooms are off limits for the comfort of non-vapers.
  • Quiet hours will be observed 10pm to 8am. I have neighbors!

Future Meets

  • September, 2019
  • October, 2019
  • November, 2019
  • December, 2019

Previous Meets

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