The Great Swamp Camping Trip

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The Great Swamp Camping Trip
Status Active
Type Camping
Location Rochester, Rhode Island
Organizer(s) Emery Snowtail

The site we are camping is at the Great Swamp Fight Monument, located about a mile off the road down a gated trail. The site is located at the center of what used to be a Narragansett stronghold, where up to 1000 women, children, and Pequot refugees were slaughtered by Puritan forces in King Philip's War. The surrounding forests and wetlands are supposedly haunted by those spirits.

As a result, absolute respect is necessary. Loud music is not allowed. Adherence to Leave No Trace is required. Parking is roadside at the gate, since there is no dedicated parking lot. Campers are expected to bring their own shelter and food. Alcohol in moderation is permitted, but please pack out any waste. We will thoroughly clean the site morning of the 19th. Bring bug repellent and beware of poison ivy. Camping is free. Please contact EmerySnowtail for additional info.

Event Date: August 18-19, 2019


Great Swamp Management Area, 277 Great Neck Rd., West Kingstown, RI 02892

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